Measuring Your Windows

• Always use a steel tape

• Measure the width and height at 3 points, each side and centre.

• Always measure backspace to ensure there is uninterrupted operation of the shutter blades. Objects to look for are window trim, locks window handles or even the window itself.

• Always measure the diagonal to ensure the window is not out of square.

• If there is any variation in dimensions always take the lower dimension.

• Contact us for advice if any opening is out of square as we can correct it by choosing a right frame.

• Inside Mount: Always give us the actual opening size – we will make the correct deductions for the right fit.

• Outside Mount: Measure the width and height of the area you want covered – not the window itself. Normally measurements are taken to the outside of the trim you want covered. The factory will not take any deductions for outside mount.

• Special Shapes: Unless the shape is in straight lines a template should be used for transferring the dimensions. Call us for expert advice to ensure you obtain a professional finish