Installing Shutters

Modern shutters are very easy to install due to the framing system that comes with the panels. The framing is cut to length and mitred in the factory and each adjoining piece is joined by a Hoffman key.

By placing the framing on a clean floor the adjoining pieces can be quickly joined. Each respective piece is clearly marked. If there are more than 2 panels in an opening a T-BAR must be joined between the top and bottom sides of the framing and is joined to each adjacent piece in the same manner as the corner joints.

Place the assembled frame in the widow opening. Using a long screw drill into one of the holes in the left hand side of the frame. Repeat this process on the other side. Do not tighten.

All the panels are numbered for identification.

Panel (1 ) fits on the left hand side of the opening and is fitted first. Lift the pin on the left hand side and position the panel and then drop the pin back into position. Repeat this on all other panels following the correct number sequence.

Ensure all the panels are aligned. Adjustment can be made by loosening the hinge screws and moving the panels slightly for perfect alignment.

After you are happy with the final position tighten all screws.

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