Now here’s a thought… do domestic garden designers feel compelled to ignore past garden designs. Are vertical gardens a better design solution than a garden redesign makeover?

Here at In Home Decor we focus on limiting time spent maintenance and are interested in decreasing time spent controlling the aesthetic outcomes of a space via maintenance. This problem extends to all landscape types. Public and private spaces are all subject to the vagaries of landscape maintenance.

In State Government organizations (such as VicRoads, Victoria Australia) maintenance design techniques are widely used and are referred to as intervention levels. The higher the intervention level the greater the maintenance. And of course the greater the expense.

When any garden lacks a strong theme or feel maybe a Vertical Garden solution is all that is required. Best thing is they can be used both in and outdoors!

What About Your Garden?

Consider your garden. Maybe a good weeding is required to bring back an old garden bed. It may be a lot cheaper and far more compelling than spending thousands on new plants, new edging and fancy timber work, to consider turning it into a low maintenance feature with vertical gardens.

On occasions, a good clean and weed is better than installing a brand new vertical garden, deck or flower bed. Garden clean ups may be the panacea you seek to improving your outdoor space? Or are you just fooling yourself. Is a mix better for you based on your lifestyle, the area you have and your time?

High intervention level landscapes or gardens tend to be neglected over time…that’s a fact!

Public spaces are therefore frequently designed to include low maintenance plants and low intervention levels.

Is Unnecessary Work Being Created?

Designers need to be mindful that when the design intent of a space is not passed onto a new home owner or land management body the garden’s design may be neglected. Overtime these landscapes have the ability to perform badly and this is why…maintenance needs.

It is interesting that some of the most amazing landscapes are created through the use of vertical gardens.

Garden clean ups are a powerful design tool – often neglected. Is this because landscape designers are trained to reinvent rather than work with existing conditions?

Consider your options and using vertical gardens in your garden, or your next project. You’ll never look back and be glad that you did.