Australians have always loved a good BBQ, but a recent survey has revealed that many of us are going gourmet with our BBQ foods.

BeefEater Barbecues and Kid Magazine conducted the study, which found that more that 50% of those surveyed said they’re experimenting with more gourmet style meals, including delicious rubs and sauces, yummy sides and innovative menus.

37% of respondents said that taste was the main reason they use their BBQ, while 27% said it was a fun way to spend time with family and friends and 25% believe it’s simply “a part of the Aussie way of life”.

Interestingly, 70% of those surveyed own a gas BBQ, due to their ease of use. And more and more people are looking for complete outdoor kitchens when they’re purchasing a new property. BBQ enthusiast Ben Farley, from the BBQ Cooking School in Sydney says that these outdoor kitchens are about Australian culture, and simply the way that Australians like to hang out and entertain.

“It’s easy to make a big mess at your barbecue station and a big mess in your kitchen and then cleanup for two hours”, he says, explaining that people are spending more money on these outdoor kitchens which have equipment like pizza ovens, fridges, granite bench tops, and of course, a gas BBQ.

Jess Pryles, founder of the Carnivore’s Ball and known as the Queen of Barbecue in Melbourne, compares buying the perfect BBQ to buying the perfect car, and says it’s best to do your research.

“People are looking for accessories around them (their BBQs) such as fancy knives, native hardwood chopping boards and offset smokers”, Pryles said, comparing it to buying shoes and saying simply: “More is more.”

And business is booming for those selling houses with these outdoor kitchens and gas BBQs, with landscapers integrating BBQ spaces and doing outdoor builds.

Gas BBQs have come a long way, and now fit seamlessly into even the most luxurious outdoor kitchen. With a plethora of materials, weights and finishes to choose from, they can also be custom designed to match the decor and style of the home.

Many people add bar fridges, stainless steel drawers, cooking tops, cooking plate covers, splash backs and sink covers to their order to ensure that it all fits together. For anyone involved in landscaping, architecture, property development or selling property, gas BBQs are beginning to be expected- especially for those buying in the higher price ranges. Are you optimizing our culture and turning it into more benefits for all?

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