Indoor Plantation Shutters…the pièce de résistance of windows

As you would know, indoor plantation shutters look like large, wooden blinds, but there are significant differences to your traditional blinds that you may have grown up with. Blinds are often narrow, made of aluminium or vinyl, and the slats tilt based on a gear and pulley mechanism.

In comparison, indoor plantation shutters have wide compound louvers that fit into a frame and are controlled by way of a wooden rod running up the middle. When they aren’t needed they can be swung away on hinges in the same way traditional shutters do, except on the inside.

Planning to do some redecorating in your own home or are you planning on doing renovations for a client? Are you looking for some great home interior design facelift elements for that new property or are you wanting to breathe freshness and life into a tired property? Are you wanting to dress up a property for selling? Installing indoor plantation shutters will increase the market value and appeal of one’s home. They are durable and aesthetically pleasing characteristics giving a bonus to property valuations.

Whatever your situation, be it property owner or contractor, the part of any property that you can liven up and refresh would be the interior window dressings. There are many different styles to choose from when deciding on revitalising indoor windows.

You’ve got your typical draperies, blinds and shades. However, if you want a fresh, modern, warm feel you can opt to use indoor plantation shutters. These kind of shutters are a classic yet modern choice that ooze elegance and class no matter which decade one is in, and they are extremely affordable.

The PVC Plantation Shutters we provide give the discerning property owner, quality and craftsmanship resulting in the finest internal window furnishing on today’s market.

Plantation shutters, or California shutters as some may call it, are a kind of window shutter that are made out of timber or PVC. They last for a long time, ours are UV resistant enabling the shutter to withstand intense heat and deterioration, and are easy to maintain and clean. They increase your energy efficient by allowing you to adjust the position of the shutters either to allow or block the flow of light. Now, these are all a plus in anyone’s language.

PVC Shutters are made from a high quality PVC and resin composite material and will not warp, twist, crack or split and can be used in wet areas. Now…you can’t do that with venetians and curtains.

We have over 13 different colours and have full framing options to suit any installation project. You name it…sliding, bi-fold or hinged options using quality hardware. We can even custom build and colour them for you.

Our Timber Plantation Shutters provide the discerning property owner with quality and craftsmanship resulting in the finest internal window furnishing on today’s market.  They come in over 20 different colours including stains and there are full framing options to suit any installation project.
Sliding, bi-fold or hinged options using quality hardware…we got you covered.
And we can also deliver special shapes that can be crafted to your specification and custom colour.
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